Why Plan Ahead?

Pre-planning your funeral can be very informal, and as simple as meeting with us to express your wishes with our funeral staff.  More formal arrangements in the form of a pre-need contract can be set up with our funeral home and funded through PrePlan, a New York State Trust.


By pre-planning and pre-funding your funeral, you can:

   - Make all the arrangements during a time of peace and not leave them to your family during their                time of grief.

   - Make your wishes known.

   - Control the cost of your funeral and protect from inflation.

   - Ensure that personal records are organized and easy for your survivors to locate.


Pre-planning, when done properly, can give you peace of mind because you know that your arrangements are in place and pre-funded.  Feel free to contact our funeral home to discuss preplanning further with absolutely no cost and no obligation.

Help take the burden off your loved ones by taking your end-of-life
decisions in advance, in a calm and thoughtful atmosphere.
Contact us to schedule a meeting
        with our funeral planners: